290 Lawrence Avenue, South San Francisco CA 94080

Maintenance Program

Whether you decide to lease or purchase the plants that you desire, we have an option where you pay a monthly maintenance fee that guarantees your plants will be maintained and replaced if necessary. Our technicians will make sure that your plants always look bright and healthy, taking the burden from you so you don’t have to worry about maintaining them yourself! We pride ourselves in using a safer approach to pest management by using environmentally friendly plant care products such as, “Safer Soap”, “Neem Oil” and similar products. We will never use harmful chemicals, pesticides or herbicides.

Interior Plants

You and your team will be able to choose from a wide variety of different indoor plants, flowers and containers. Various colors, styles, sizes and textures will make for the perfect environment!

Exterior Plants

Enhance your outdoor space with beautiful flowers, plants and so much more! With help from our Design team, you will have a peaceful, eye-catching outdoor area!

Color Program

With the color program, you can choose from Orchids, Floral Bowl Arrangements or Bromeliads. We offer Monthly or Bi-Monthly rotation.

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